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Hi, I'm Mansoor FahmeedProduct design lead at du telecom

I focus on 🚀 delivering delightful and intuitive human-centered experiences at scale through design strategy and innovation.

Based in Dubai — I've collaborated with exceptional teams at du Telecom, Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour, Vox, City Centre, and other businesses across the GCC and SENA.

01. I'm a design leader

I see my self as a guide or mentor, ensuring we navigate each challenge with ease. Let's keep it simple, solve problems, and have a bit of fun along the way! 🚀

It’s all about a group of passionate individuals coming together and solving problems for the business.

I specialize in building design frameworks, guiding the team through design and research practices, and managing budgets and tools. I help define effective workflows, create sprint plans, and establish roles and responsibilities for each release. I always prioritize open communication with leadership, deliver regular progress reports, help resolve blockers, and strategize resources for current and future projects.

02. Also a hand-on designer

I discovered design in school, I've chosen the path of a designer—it's not just a career, but a deliberate choice!

It's been a remarkable journey, spanning over 13 years in the industry, evolving from Photoshop 5.0 to mastering Figma. Transitioning from pure design to crafting research-driven, data-backed, end-to-end customer-centric products has been an absolute blast. I've had the privilege of collaborating with incredible individuals from around the globe.

My sweet spot? Getting in on the action from the product discovery stage, steering the roadmap to ensure it stays customer-centric while meeting all those crucial business goals. I thrive on executing design projects sprint by sprint, embedding the best industry practices into each phase. All discussions are laser-focused on the customer, aligning with stakeholders, providing design rationale, and strategically prioritizing features for maximum conversion rates.​

Some recent work / Case Studies / Some recent work / Portfolio /

You've made it this far, and here's the pudding you've been waiting for. These are a few highlights from my selected work. If you encounter password protection, feel free to reach out – it's likely due to NDAs.