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Who am I?


I’m a 33 year old Product Designer, moved to Dubai in 2013. I have 13 years of experience in the design industry within B2C, B2B products in Telco, e-commerce, marketplace, fin-tech, hospitality and loyalty sector.

I lead and mentor a high-performance team, fostering a positive and collaborative environment. I manage squads, timelines, and budgets and communicate with stakeholders for successful outcomes.

I bring a blend of Product Design and Research expertise to help teams achieve business goals and deliver high-quality products. I also have a strong understanding of the development process and work closely with cross-functional teams.

Core Skills


Product Design (UX/UI)
Interaction & Motion design
User Research
Design Strategy
Product Strategy
Service Design (Learning)

My efforts are consistently directed towards achieving the ultimate goal. I believe that the true essence of design and user experience comes to life in the final output, not merely in flashy presentations or prototypes.



/ Since Nov 2021 — Telecommunication


Product Design Lead
/ May 2019 to Nov 2021

Majid Al Futtaim

Senior Product Designer
/ Jun 2013 — Feb 2019

Digital Nexa

Senior Product Designer
/ Apr 2010 — May 2013

Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates

Lead UI Designer
/ 2008 — 2010

TV channel, Newspapers, Magazines

Part-time Freelancer


& Trainings

2024 — Harvard Business School Online

Disruptive Strategy

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

UX Management: Strategy and Tactics


Design for Augmented and Virtual reality


Emotional Design

2021 — School of motion

Advanced 2d Animation

2008 — Manzar College of Arts (MCA)

Graphics & Multimedia Expert

Leading with Design

I truly believe that through design thinking and empathy, we can change lives. I assume the responsibility of championing our work across the company by actively engaging with cross-functional teams. I showcase innovative product experiences and explain our design processes. My mission is to organically instill a design-thinking approach, influencing teams to embrace human-centric methodologies.

Some highlights
Design thinking workshops
Townhall Presentations
Company Fairs
Company Fairs
I look for green
and white with my kid

My Process when hands-on

Design Strategy — Product Discovery — Research — UX/UI Design —