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My Role

User Experience Design
Visual design
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Technical discovery and development
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I joined Carrefour's UX team right at the start of the exciting marketplace project. Taking charge as the project lead, my mission was to elevate the user experience to unparalleled heights.

In less than a year, I played a crucial role in our fast-paced and rewarding journey. I successfully brought crucial user journeys to life, contributing significantly to the product launch as the MVP. Additionally, I laid a solid foundation for the product roadmap and crafted comprehensive style guides, ensuring a top-notch user experience for our audience.

The Product

I helped created the marketplace portal for carrefour sellers and vendors.



The primary objective of the Marketplace is to offer sellers across the GCC region a platform to showcase and sell their products on Carrefour’s online platform.

Job to be done

The current white label solution was not seller friendly, it had high setup and maintenance cost with no flexibility to introduce new features in the future.


Build an in-house product to do the same but also In the long run, the same platform will serve as an efficient inventory management tool for in-store stock.

My Approach

Once the product management team set the stage by defining product requirements effectively, I delved into understanding the complex system, creating journey maps, and initiating UX sprints.

Information architecture

The structure of the platform allows users to easily navigate and seamlessly discover information they need.

The complex backend systems

It was essential to understand how this marketplace integrates with different systems—like e-commerce platform, order management system, warehouse management, delivery service, pricing, and identity management. This understanding is essential for success.

Seller journey map

We blended user insights, data, and innovation to craft an intuitive experience, addressing pain points and boosting efficiency while keep in mind the business goals.

The life cycle on portal

Defining the basics

We blended user insights, data, and innovation to craft an intuitive experience, addressing pain points and boosting efficiency while keep in mind the business goals.

Inventory Management

Features to import, maintain and export inventory within the portal.

Create/manage inventory

Order Management

Comprehensive features to manage the full life cycle of order management from receiving an order to fulfilling, full or partial, reject, return and refund.

Fulfilled by Carrefour

This feature enables sellers to store their products in the Carrefour Warehouse, facilitating same-day or 30-minute delivery through the Carrefour delivery program.

I was researching this feature when I had to step away. I’m confident someone completed it in my absence.

The team 🚀

Kasim - Head of Design
Deepak - Senior Management Product Design
Megha — Senior Product Manager

Special Shoutout 🕺

Vinodh - Lead Product Designer
Nathalie - Product Designer

During my tenure

I spent nearly a year to collaborating with the exceptional team at Carrefour, a diverse group working across various digital channels, including the customer app, web platforms, in-store kiosks, marketplace projects, and notably, the region's first unmanned store. This experience provided me with a wealth of knowledge and insights into cutting-edge retail initiatives.

One of my key roles involved supporting the Head of UX by creating presentations for quarterly team review meetings, highlighting our achievements as a team during each period.

New and improved learnings

The highlights of my recent learning and improvements in industry knowledge, design, and working with large teams are as follows. Reflecting on and learning from each experience is always a valuable idea.

Understanding Complex Systems

I developed a deep understanding of the intricate systems integrated within our products, gaining insights into the complexity of delivering a seamless user experience.

Managing Expectations

Balancing stakeholder expectations while striving to create exceptional products was a crucial skill I honed during my tenure, ensuring alignment between project outcomes and stakeholder needs.

Large-Scale Product Impact

Contributing to projects with significant scale and impact provided me with insights into managing and orchestrating initiatives that influence a broad user base and the overall success of the organization.

Offshore Stakeholder Management

Engaging with offshore stakeholders presented unique challenges, and I successfully navigated these complexities, learning effective strategies for communication and collaboration across geographical boundaries.

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