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Who Am I

Mansoor Fahmeed, I'm a UI and User Experience Designer based in in Dubai with great business and design background. I have helped many startups and businesses by improving their products. I specialise in product development, UI design, UX design, interactive design and digital business development.

Driven by a clean & minimal visual style, I always focus on the simplicity, the thoroughness and the meaningfulness of the interactive solutions I come along with.


Art Direction, Interface Design, User experience, Interface Animation, Video Editing & Visual Identity.

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When I'm not working,
I like to travel and shoot

As a designer, I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better. I uncover problems and solve them. In short, I create bolder online experiences.

#1 rule
Design should work

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I have worked for

With great brands comes great challenges to meet the market needs, the creative concepts and the business goals to achieve the balance between market recognition and unique digital presence. brands from different sectors governmental - food and beverage - hospitality - real estate along side recognizable local brands like Dubai Parks and Dubbizle.

2016 December —


Mobile App Design

At the heart of the modern world and the center of elite class travel a brand tries to establish a new destination for luxury seekers and travel enthusiasts by offering a high-end concierge services. Planning, wireframing and designing an App that now left a digital footprints.

Case Study
2016 December —

Pizza Express

UI Design & Development

Traveling from Singapore to dubai the brand was in a vital need to have a strong digital steps in an already established market with fierce competitors the challenge was creating a UI that matches vital need of the brand in this case bookings and the customer's digital journey

2016 November —

Gulf Carbon Trust

UI Design & Development

Sustainability could be one of the most pressing issues of our times and the gulf region is at the heart of this issue, creating a government website from the ground up the reflects the importance of the issue and provide informative, insightful and technical knowledge. Walking the fine line between providing technical knowledge and creating a user experience that is interactive, helpful and familiar was the main challenge to overcome in the project.

2014 July —


UI Design & Development

With Scandinavian roots a lifestyle furniture brand from denmark wanted to decorate homes in a city that is known for modernity and elegance; Dubai. Designing a website that will maintain the sense and feel of the brand with respect to both the aesthetics of the furniture and the engaging experience of the user to make the customer journey both immersive and enjoyable was the main achievement of this project.