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My Role

  • Product Designer

The Goal

A brand new website for a brand new business launch in the region. We aimed at individuals and small business owners and with a relatively young target audience, it was all that more important to concentrate on mobile which is where our focus started. The result, an ultra-clean and smart website that it’s a breeze to navigate no matter what device you are on.


To create an online logistics brand that will span businesses and consumers and spur digital transformation across Agility.

Target Audience

Small & mid-sized business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and consumers who are optimistic about the world at large.

Hard-working and committed to themselves and their businesses.

Looking to simplify the bureaucracy of shipping and logistics.


Based on the business hierarchy and competitive analysis, we create a minimal yet effective sitemap to create an effective architecture for the website. Shipa was a brand new business to compete with the largest and oldest companies in the country but also it was the future of Agility’s digital logistic solutions.


We took the mobile-first approach and it’s a tough process to go through, so we invested some time in the wireframes to answer all the questions before going into design. Correct positioning the services was the key goal. Ideal navigation was built by adding two main categories of services (Business, Individual) with tracking and contact CTA since that’s where the business wanted the customers to focus on and everything else was hidden inside a burger menu as secondary nav.

Final Designs

Shipa’s strong branding helped us craft a minimal yet incredible design language that was easy to navigate and educate the users about their services.

Based on the wireframes, we crafted the homepage of Shipa with primary services and call to actions for the customers to get the required information and ability to get in touch quickly.

Each Service was designed in a similar way for the users to understand the service page layout and scan the correct information and get in touch features.

After prioritizing all secondary pages, we hid it inside the burger menu. Alongside, CTA for the main contact form.

Think of a perfectly designed website and its incredible functions and shrink it to the size of your palm, we made it happen.

We develop mobile-integrated formats to open access to smartphone and tablet users without sacrificing the beauty of the final product.

It’s about building relationship

We partnered up with the amazing team of Shipa to create brilliant experiences for their businesses and customers using strategy, research, design, technology, communications, data and creative thinking.

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